Каков накит да избереме?

Денес ќе ве запознаеме со основниот тренд што се однесува на аксесоарите и конкретно за накитот.  Парчето накит што ќе го изберете треба:

– Да биде големо,

– Впечатливо,

– Од природен камен,

– Да преовладуваат силни и интензивни бои.

Веруваме дека знаете колку е големо влијанието на накитот и тоа колку може да ја збогати комбинацијата и да и придаде стил.



Coral & Turquoise Rio Necklace – Modeets

Cascading faceted cut teardrop cabochons accented in a golden setting

Primary Puzzle Bib Duo

Emerald Craft Bib

Floral Infinity Ring | Modern Vintage Jewelry

Go bold and awesomely audacious with this statement cuff that marries the tribal trend with Art Deco fever. The graphic allure and color-blocked gemstones are flapper fabulous while the beading adds a more primal allure.  This is part of the BaubleBar + Nina Garcia Collection

Lucia Chandelier Bib

This is what we call one knockout of a statement necklace. The deep azure palette is simple mesmerizing, the gems are glossy and glam and the floral and sun motif is simple stunning.

Fuchsia Bloom Collar

Use my invite code 11168465    These stunning earrings are dripping with that royal je nais sais quoi. Reminiscent of the ruby red earrings worn by Queen Olga of Greece, they feature two giant crimson gemstones, framed by crystals.

Go bold and audaciously gorgeous with this extravagant statement cuff. It features a fearless array of oversized gems, all beautifully faceted and cast in deep burgundy hues.  BB Spotting: As Seen On The Today Show

Get lost in the beautiful blues of these glamorous drop earrings. There are three tiers worth of sapphire gems, each framed in gold and glittering pav finery.  This is part of the BaubleBar + Nina Garcia Collection

BaubleBar | Earrings - Mosaic Fes Florals - Fashion Jewelry

Colored Grace Bib

Kempner Gem Bib


Neon + Vintage Rhinestone Necklace = yes please!   PureEssentia on Etsy


Tribal Triad Bib

Teal Elle Necklace – Modeets


Turquoise Ring

Fab cuff <3

Vintage Chain Bracelet

Three Layer Bubblegum Necklace

Jet Brooke Earrings

Turquoise Cocktail Ring

brown + blue = <3

Peony Elsa Necklace

Colorful Cascata Earrings

statement necklace

Rain, Red & Turquoise Crystal Earrings <3



Total Chic


Cute bracelet











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