Фармерките апсолутен хит оваа пролет

Фармерките ќе бидат апсолутен хит оваа сезона. Зависно од расположението, можете да ги носите во опуштена дневна варјанта, или пак со шик вечерни детали.

Идеални се за свежите пролетни и летни денови и лесни за комбинирање.



Cool casual

<3 Yellow

Casual Beach Day kinda Outfit...

Casual and cute. That's what it's all about kids:) Love it.

black & gold

Blue and White with Peach. really wish the blazer wasn't sold out.

loving orange + turquoise

Gold & white. The only colors I really need.

Safari, created by archimedes16 on Polyvore

Gray. Stripes.


so cute...love the top!


pretty in pink

Casual, created by andrea-mitsdarffe...


Comfy Teal Day, created by kevoltz on Polyvore


Great bag & shoes!

White blazer

grown up casual chic weekend

Comfy casual



yellow flats



Pop of colour.

green & stripes

Casual blue jeans with a white top and blue scarf

pink gray denim

Cute summer outfit.

Sweetheart, created by christa72 on Polyvore

Casual pink floral tank with blue jeans.(Pink, created by nicolebowes on Polyvore)

Cute casual summer outfit. Printed top with light accessories and blue jeans or capris.

Blue halter top with capris.

One shoulder shirt with blue jeans. Bright vibrant colour, great for summer.


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