Симболични тетоважи

Пролетта и летото се идеални за покажување на тетоважите кои се наоѓаат на различните делови од вашето тело.

Доколку не знаете каква тетоважа би сакале и на кој дел од телото, еве место каде што можете да пронајдете инспирација.

За да ви помогнеме да донесете правилна одлука, еве неколку интересни предлози и идеи, а на вас останува да им дадете личен печат, како би можеле ве представат во право светло.

i refuse to sink

live forever


fight some more

cool this tattoo and the placement...


ehh idk, its cool but would I do it?? nah


love the placements


"how stranger it is to be anything at all" + placement. and proving scars can be beautiful.

wedding tattoos. Love this. #Tattoos


wise words...

love this


simple movement of details :)

Tattoos. Hot.

couples tats. Super cute


His and hers

I want this!

This is my very first tattoo, and is about 6 months old now. It says, “This too shall pass,” which is a phrase my mom has been telling me for years, and has gotten me through some rough times in my life. It’s also made me appreciate the good times even more, so I thought it was perfect for my first leap into the tattoo world.

locked heart.


"A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love. May that beautiful life be yours always'


cute @Sarah Woods lets do it

Stars - HAHA someone else totally has same tattoo as me - crazy


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