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Дневна мотивација: седум најдобри јога профили на Instagram

Јога во секојдневниот живот.

Откако училиштата за јога се отворени во скоро секој град, ретки се профилите кои на Instagram немаат барем една „поздрав до Сонцето“ и “Shavanasane” фотографија.

Јогата стана модерна, а штом нешто стане модерно на Instagram, професионалните профили се појавуваат на актуелната тема.

Беа истражувани седум од најубавите и најмотивирачки Јога профили на Instagram, кои мора да ги заследат сите кои не се рамнодушни кон овој тип на вежбање.


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Here’s something not everyone will tell you, but that is true—yoga is hard work. It’s not meant to be easy, especially not at first. Well, not exactly. There’s a balance between the amazing feeling in your body and the work that you put in on your mat. It’s not that everything should feel good or easy when you practice. The feel-good feeling is often only accessible after practice, when you’re lying on your mat, thoroughly worked and sweaty, where you feel a basic sense of goodness and wholeness. That post-yoga happiness that is the result of your hard work in the practice. _ Some people get discouraged because the poses are difficult without understanding that it never matters whether or not you succeed. What matters is the change in your heart and soul when you practice. _ Yoga is not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually confronting. In other words, yoga brings up stuff. This process is the purification of mind, body and soul that defines what yoga truly is. Called Tapas in Sanskrit, it is the discipline, effort and difficulty that make the sweet feeling of joy and peace so deeply held in your heart after practice. There are so many ways we can each work. This is not an invitation or excuse to harm or force your body. It is an encouragement to welcome those moments of difficulty with the full faith that you are on the right path. _ I’m in India now, studying yoga, and I’m in the full fire of Tapas. I get up in what is quite literally the middle of the night so I can be ready for practice at 3:30 am. My practice is longer and more intense than what I do at home. It’s hotter, sweatier, deeper and I am more sore and tired than at home. I’m not complaining. It’s the Tapas that I willingly submit to. I surrender my all into the fire, knowing that I’ll leave with just a bit more inner light, a few drops more inner peace. _ Day 16 #30dayyogajourney is Anjanayasana with @jopheeyinyoga on @omstarsofficial You can still join!! Sign up here (link in bio too)— _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @ifilmyoga . 🙏

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I’m more flexible with yoga than when I was a contemporary dancer. Mainly in the mind and all from ease. When I danced I did everything extra, clenched what was already doing what it needed. By thinking I was doing it better I got in my own way. Flow state came on stage but not in technique class. Now I know that moving easy, everything I’ve got, in every direction I can leads to real progress in my body and more exciting my life. How we move is how we are and I’ll never go back to forcing my way through. If it worked that would be one thing, but forcing only leads to more forcing and never greatness. I’m going for greatness. I want a life full of experience, decisiveness, forward and upward motion. I want to use my whole self and not hold back. I want to connect fully with my whole self and do some good while I’m here. I know better. I know I only work when I prioritize moving with grace and ease. Grateful for @stralayoga & our community of space makers. Thank you for spreading the ease. You have changed things. Pic from @whotels #stralayoga #posewhenever

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This pregnancy I’m taking a completely different approach to fitness. When I was pregnant with Adler I continued exactly what I was doing prior to pregnancy which was kettlebell conditioning classes 2-3x a week and yoga. I didn’t do moves where I felt an intense “stretching” sensation. This occurred most frequently if I attempted backbends. It also started happening when I’d hang from a bar or do pull-ups. Towards the middle/end of my pregnancy yoga didn’t feel good mostly because even the standing poses like warrior II felt dangerous with my body’s natural mobility and then add on the relaxin from pregnancy on top of that. Yikes!! Hip openers made my low back feel like misery. Essentially I felt like instead of the muscles engaging to provide joint support my ligaments were enduring the stress of the poses. This is the main reason I stopped most of my asana practice while pregnant. Postpartum with Adler yoga felt good again when I was slowly relearning my body. Strength training has remained constant for me postpartum. It helped me feel more integrated in my body. With Baby #2’s pregnancy the whole first trimester I felt incredibly ill. I’ve mentioned before I lived in sweat pants and let’s be honest still am, but that’s not the point. I was lucky to do something active once a week. Sometimes that was a yoga class other times I’d do a strength workout with a friend. Now that I’m starting to feel better I’m getting into my movement groove. With this pregnancy that means going to the gym every other day and doing 30-45 minutes of cardio. Nothing super intense but enough to get my heart pumping. I have a weakness for incline walks on the treadmill or walking on the stairmill, I know I’m a sucker for torture. In addition I’m doing really light strength work. With and after Adler I had diastasis recti so I am avoiding any extreme amounts of inter-abdominal pressure. I am still doing TVA work and soft tissue work, that is considered safe, around my abdomen. This time around I am seeing my physio (a pelvic floor specialist) prenatal and will see her again postnatal. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS!

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